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Case Studies


Since 2004 I have been taking care of Diane’s hair needs. Her hair is straight, thick and coarse which can be a challenge to shape. I have been working with her on what she is comfortable with and studying her hair type. We have created a style with texture and demission of low lights and high lights.


Starting in May of 2009 we updated Shayne's hair with a color that complimented her skin and a haircut that works with her face shape. After finding her perfect cut and a length she was comfortable with I educated her on how to take care of her hair at home. Shayne is now using Eufora hair care and a series of detoxifying and replenishing hair treatments that will add moisture, shine and body back into her hair.


I have been taking care of Catherine's hair for almost 5 years. At first, her hair was brittle, stressed and lacked shine. Our goal was to achieve healthy, shiny hair and to add some color. I recommended the Eufora hair care system to rebuild Catherine's hair and in three months we saw a drastic transformation. We consistently keep her style in a layered bob cut and we also color her hair regularly.


I started working with Barbara’s hair in 2007. Her hair was a special case as she not only had dry, brittle and stressed hair but also some hair loss. With her I recommended the Eufora hair care system to rebuild her hair and also a cut that gives an illusion that there is more hair in the places she is thinning. Her hair has shown drastic improvement from using Eufora products. She has shine and body back in her hair and she even appears to have some new hair growth.



I was a 25 year-old "hair-virgin", never colored and always worn long. I moved to Scottsdale, found an unmentionable "stylist" at the Promenade who hacked my hair and it was awful! A week later, I met Faith... God's blessing! Faith instantly made me feel comfortable, introduced me to the best products ever (Eufora), showed me options for how to repair the mess and a plan for how to get my hair where I wanted with such enthusiasm, I was hooked! Faith will immediately asses your hair's strengths and weaknesses to produce an essential program for the healthiest, most beautiful hair you could have imagined! I call myself Faith's prototype as we have been through many different styles and colors. I am so amazed with her abilities I have allowed my "virgin-hair" to be her masterpiece. She has done my hair for events, every-day wear & out on the town; there's no style she cannot master and make you love too!


I moved to AZ from Philadelphia and was having a tough time finding a hair professional that I could trust. I met Faith at a networking group and after hearing how knowledgeable she was in the hair industry; I decided to make an appointment. Faith exceeded all my expectations! She takes her time and really gets to know each customers hair color/cut. She is the first stylist that I put complete trust in and let use her expertise and make the decision on what to do with my hair. I am extremely happy I met Faith and my hair has never felt so healthy!


I've gotten my haircut by a barber for my entire life and had some initial reservations about going to a salon. Faith's approach is refreshing and her suggestions have been well received. My initial skepticism is 100% gone and I'm getting the best haircuts I've ever had!

Carol Tousley

WOW!! Great experience! At Salon Faith they not only do a great job when it comes to cutting, coloring or styling you hair but they more importantly educate about your hair. It's great to have an expert such as Salon Faith teach you how to achieve the "I just walked out of a salon" look everyday. I cannot count how many times in the past I only loved my hair the day of the visit, and now my hair feels like it visits everyday. There's a saying, "If you are having a great hair day, you are having a great day!", at Salon Faith they set up for success everyday. Thank you for your expertise!!

George Redheffer

I enjoy being a client at Salon Faith, as Faith is attentive to my hair and image ideas and goals. Her salon is bright, cheerful, and the experience is fun. I recommend that you attend Salon Faith and experience the first-class service for yourself!


One of the best salon experiences I've ever had! From the dry consultation to the aroma therapy head massage, Faith has a way of making you feel and look like a million bucks! She's truly one of the most unique hair stylists I've ever met. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

Glenn Mire

I've been with the Salon Faith Experience for over a year now. Â Consistent cuts and experience, pleasant conversation and questions about the results from the last appointment tell of the care and concern Faith has for her clients. Â I completely recommend you give the 'Experience' a try.