Meet the Team at Salon Faith

Salon Owner & Master Hair Professional

She's been in the hair and beauty industry since 1995. At the age of 12, Faith found her passion in hair, and set a goal to be a salon owner. My vision was to create expert salon professionals in the art of haircutting, color and hair care. I began researching quality products, color, and technical cutting skills. At Salon Faith, there's an experience that we give to each one of our guest that is unlike anything you've ever felt before. It's truly a unique experience that you will love coming back for more.

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Lead Stylist

Haley has always loved the beauty industry. Growing up she loved the salon and was always fascinated by the hair books kept in the waiting area. She went back and forth between wanting t do makeup and hair but found that her passion lies in hair, specifically vivid colors. There’s nothing better than making someone feel their best!

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Austin has always felt drawn to the beauty and fashion industry. He started his journey by completing a BA in English and Philosophy in San Diego after living in New York and Washington state. He finally decided to pursue his passion for beauty and attended Avalon Institute of Cosmetology in Phoenix, AZ. Despite starting his hairstyling career later in his journey, he is excited to have the opportunity to finally dedicate his career to all things hair and beauty. Austin believes in the power that personal style and a good hair day have to make every day feel fantastic.

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Cami has enjoyed doing hair and makeup since high school. She would help her friends get ready for and school events that required looking their best from dances to school plays, concerts, and senior pictures. Once she graduated high school she tried college but quickly realized how much she loved and missed all things beauty. She then made her decision that she wanted to help people achieve their beauty goals and dream hair so she enrolled at Avalon Institute of Cosmetology and began her long awaited career in hair and beauty.

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